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The Universidad Andres Bello (UNAB) is an institution recognized for its ideals and traditions, which have formed an integral part of the UNAB community since its founding in 1988. Since its establishment, and posterior inauguration in 1989, the Universidad Andrés Bello has sought to continuously strengthen the academic environment and uphold its social responsibility to train professionals of the highest degree, principles based on the aspects that form the spirit of UNAB. It is due to this that UNAB offers daytime and evening courses, providing opportunities for continued education through a wide variety of post-graduate programs, from certifications to master’s and doctorate degrees, many of which are even offered through online courses. Similarly, UNAB offers an Advanced Undergraduate Program that is specially designed for professionals that wish to advance and strengthen their careers through quality education.

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Resultado de la investigación 1962 2018

A catechol oxidase AcPPO from cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) is localized to the Golgi apparatus

Olmedo, P., Moreno, A. A., Sanhueza, D., Balic, I., Silva-Sanzana, C., Zepeda, B., Verdonk, J. C., Arriagada, C., Meneses, C. & Campos-Vargas, R. 1 ene 2018 En : Plant Science. 266, p. 46-54 9 p.

Resultado de la investigación: Research - revisión exhaustivaArticle

Annona cherimola
Golgi apparatus
catechol oxidase
Catechol Oxidase

Highly active copper-based Ce@TiO2 core-shell catalysts for the selective reduction of nitric oxide with carbon monoxide in the presence of oxygen

López, N., Aguila, G., Araya, P. & Guerrero, S. 10 ene 2018 En : Catalysis Communications. 104, p. 17-21 5 p.

Resultado de la investigación: Research - revisión exhaustivaArticle

Carbon Monoxide
Nitric Oxide

Hybrid polymer films based ZnS nanocomposites and its optical and morphological properties: Monitoring the role of the binding-site interaction

Pizarro, G. D. C., Marambio, O. G., Jeria-Orell, M., Oyarzún, D. P. & Sánchez, J. 1 feb 2018 En : Materials Research Bulletin. 98, p. 15-24 10 p.

Resultado de la investigación: Research - revisión exhaustivaArticle

Binding sites
Polymer films